New Beginnings

Sometimes, starting over is refreshing.

First off, you get to put everything where you want it, which is a big deal for someone as type A as me. There’s new people, new adventures, new life,  but the same constant Jesus and faithful God.

I headed out to our new campus, about 40 miles away from the campus I work at, to help with their first training and set up day. Wow. There are some dedicated and expectant people in that place.

It’s new, and their is hope in the newness of this Church. Because the Church is the hope of the world and now there is just a little more Church to go around.

I can hardly wait to hear the reports  come back each week of what’s going to be happening on that campus, and all our other campuses. God always blows my expectations out of the water. He’s really good at that.

As much as I’ve been experiencing a lot of new over the past few months, a little extra was nice this weekend. It reminded me afresh of why I’m doing what I’m doing. Even when I don’t see the fruit when I want too.


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