Journeys of the Dream Team

This is the Dream Team.

Actually, our church has adopted that as our universal saying for all our volunteers, but this team in particular is a little extra special.

What started as a team of three part time summer student ministry interns has grown into two full time ministry staff (one in children’s ministry, one in student ministry), two student ministry interns, and a college and campus worship leader.

Chase (far left) – He’s helpful and he connects well with kids. He catches on quickly and takes on projects with enthusiasm and excellence. He’ll jump in where you need him and is willing to learn. He may not know it, but the elementary students love him. He can bring peace to a situation and doesn’t get overwhelmed easily. Lives are changed because of what he does.

Alex (second from left) – He’s bold. His love for Jesus and for the local Church is loud. He’ll try just about anything. He can bring the Word. He’s a gifted teacher and pastor. He’s a natural leader. He knows how to break the ice and he cares about people. He has a powerful story and gives God all the glory for the ways Jesus has changed his life. Lives are changed because of what he does.

Trevor (second from right) – He’s joyful. He owns middle school ministry. He creates and fun environment for all kids and makes them feel welcomed. He’s an encourager, and constantly speaks to those around him words of gratitude. He’s faithful to the season he is in and goes above and  beyond. He’s brings the energy. His stories and sound effects are hilarious. Lives are changed because of what he does.

Tre (far right) – He’s humble. He is an incredibly gifted vocalist and musician but he wouldn’t tell you that himself. He notices people and makes them feel valued. He leads worship with joy and confidence. He stands firm in the promises of God. Simply by the way he lives, I am reminded that to work in ministry is a gift. He knows he’s a child of God loved perfectly and abundantly by our heavenly Father. Lives are changed because of what he does.

Needless to say, I’m grateful to have each of them in my life. They make me a better follower of Jesus and I am astounded that I have the opportunity to do ministry with them.



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