Living with Kids

While watching two kids this week for a family at our church here is what I have learned.

  • You may not think so, but the back burner is the most convenient place to cook food. Especially with a four and two year old around.
  • Know where you are going, they remember when you go the wrong way and ask you the next morning to make sure you’ve got it right.
  • They are capable of a lot more than you think!
  • When I get to do your hair everyday it will most likely be in piggy tails.
  • Remember to put on a bib with dinner, especially when eating mac and cheese.
  • When mom tells them to wait for a 7 to come downstairs to wake you up, the first morning they think a 6 is a 7.
  • The “monkey song” is a must.
  • If you eat too much mac and cheese you might get a cheese headache and trust me, you don’t want that!
  • And two days later you might not suffer from cheese headaches any more. It’s a tricky illness.
  • Snap Chat filters are always a hit.
  • I want kids someday, emphasis on the someday, not now.
  • Bread with strawberry jam, strawberry yogurt and fresh strawberries is a well balanced meal.
  • When the four year old says he is thankful for you in your night time prayers your heart melts.
  • And when the two year old gives you multiple big wet kisses, your heart melts even more.
  • I am also convinced that the design of the family the way God intended it is beyond intentional. Who else is going to watch the kids when I have to go to the bathroom or run back inside to get my wallet? But really, I need a battle buddy if I am going to do this any longer than a week.
  • I am incredibly thankful for my mom who answered my questions about garage doors, diaper rashes, and gas stations.

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